Ségun Adelaja

Segun Adelaja is that rare thing: a menswear designer with a passion for both style and quality. His atelier in the Prince’s Arcade, London offers a range of suits, shirts and accessories sourced from the very best makers around Europe, but each with a touch of Segun’s distinctive taste.

The best regimental English ties are available alongside flyaway Italian seven-folds – highlighting the best of both styles – in unique colours. The shoes achieve a lightness of both construction and style that only the finest manufacture in Italy can produce. And as the only stockist of Gallo socks in London, Segun brings out their superb quality with his own curated collection, typified by bright banding combinations.

Suits and shirts are available off the peg, or can be made to measure. The latter is particularly popular with customers looking for the perfect shirt, given the range of collar and cuff styles, and the handsewn collars, sleeves and buttonholes. Segun’s style is evident in the prominent chambray shirtings and other unusual cottons.

You won’t find such a range of knitted ties – both in terms of colour and knit – anywhere in London. You won’t find Lorenzo Villoresi’s instantly identifiable Florentine fragrances either. Even the designs of Segun’s English, bridle-leather bags are unique to the store.

Now firmly at home in one of Mayfair’s finest arcades, Segun Adelaja is a small boutique bursting with possibilities.